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Our BBQ Judging goal is to use 100% KCBS Certified Judges.  But, we won't turn away PNWBA Judges who wish to participate.  Chili Cook off Judges need not be CASI trained, but will be given seating preference.

Chili Cookoff Judges can sign up to judge using the form below.  We will accept your application right up to the actual event, but we expect to receive more Chili Judge Registrations than we will actually need to seat, so make sure you sign up early. 


Chili turn in will be on Saturday 17 August 2019 at the judge’s tent located on the north end of Clocktower park.  Check in and meeting for judges will be 10:30 AM.  Turn in times will be:


Texas Red 12:00 Noon

Homestyle 1:00 PM


Awards 3:30 PM at judges tent


Please don’t spend time with Chili cooks until after the judging is finished, and then please don’t share any information on what happened in the judge’s tent.


BBQ Contest Judges can sign up by using the form below or by going to the KCBS website Events page.  We will accept judge’s applications right up until the contest, but if you want to be seated, please register early.  We anticipate needing approximately 45 judges and spaces will fill up quickly.  Do it now.


BBQ Judging will take place on Sunday 18 August 2019.  The judge’s tent will be located on the north end of Clocktower Park.  Check in for judge’s will be at 09:30 AM.  Judge’s Meeting at 10:00 AM. We will use standard turn-in times:


Chicken – 12:00 PM

Ribs – 12:30 PM

Pork – 1:00 PM

Brisket – 1:30 PM

Awards – 4:00 PM


As always, please don’t spend time with cook teams on the day of turn-in.  We will welcome you in the park all day Saturday and meeting cooks is a great way to learn more about BBQ and raising your own game.  Plan to be with all weekend for great fun.


To register to judge BBQ Competition click here


To register to judge Chili Cookoff click here